TEMPTRI55 – 55 Chevy Pro Street
Owner:  Darren Bryan
Location: Tucson, AZ
Dad’s Customs Tuscon

Owned and built by Darren Bryan of Tucson, Arizona. I had my eye on this car for years. Originally a race car in the 70’s. Sat at a friend’s house in his yard and when the opportunity presented, I jumped on purchasing it, and it ended up becoming a 20+ year project. I bought it and immediately started planning what I had in mind for the build. And then life took a hold. I put my family first and raised two daughters. All while this car was sitting in my garage crying for attention. Throughout the years, the vision changed based on the people I met and the information and opportunities that presented, and all of those shaped the car into what she is today.
The Chop:
I took a few photos of the side view of the car, printed them on paper, and used them to help visualize it lowered over the wheels and tires. As the body went lower, it seemed like the top got higher. So I started cutting the picture and cropping it until the “bubble” look was gone and the lines still looked like it wasn’t cut. I kept all the window trim and vent glass operating correctly. Overall chop was 3”, so it would be how I felt Chevrolet should have done this body.
The Rear Wheel Openings:
The 33” tall rear tires were too much for those little openings, so they were re-contoured to match the front shape better. Raised 2”, lengthened 5”. Again, kept it as stock looking as I could, but better shape in my opinion.
The Hood Not On The Car:
As this car evolved into what it is, we couldn’t get over the front view of that engine. Just huge, raw power. No foo foo stuff, only business! So I decided to lower the tie bar to give the person in front of me in traffic a look at what all the noise is behind them. So no hood.
The Paint:
Black paint and all chrome back on it was a no brainer. All the body and prep work was done by me. Paint was applied by Shane Runyan.
The Interior:
All aluminum sheet metal, no bead rolls. Stitch work done by Adam at Adrock Customs.
The Engine:
540ci Dart, Big M tall deck block, Winberg 4340 billet crank, BME rods, Ross 11.55 to 1 blower pistons, Schneider custom blower cam, Donovan cam, Fowler mag drive, Canfield Aluminum 24 degree heads with raised runners, Crower valve train, MSD Promag 20amp, Enderle fuel injection and BAU hat, 1471 LittleField magnesium high helix blower, 27% over drive, 14mm Belt… on alcohol.
The Transmission:
CS1 Lenco promod lightning rod shifted 4 speed, Strange fabricated 9” rear end chromolly spool.
The Build:
Built by Darren Bryan, Owner/Builder, in his garage with plenty of help from friends and family.

Dad’s Customs:
Started out as a group of talented friends with regular jobs, some retired, who get together to get our hands dirty on whatever project someone had to work on at the time. Between all of us, we can pretty much do everything when it comes to building customs. We work at 5 different locations, and it can be anyone’s place at any given time. We’ve focused heavily on location number 5 the last couple years. Building everything from the ground up. Literally. The entire 40’x70’ shop. The tongue and groove knotty pine walls. The 20’ long steel framed, wood inlaid workbench. The double hangar style barn doors. You name it. It’s what we do. We’ve recently branched into the apparel market. And have a dozen builds waiting for some love. Check us out on
Instagram @dads_customs


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December 21, 2017