“MAE” 1959 Lincoln Contiental
Owner: David Hoekstra
Location: Roswell, NM

David Hoekstra is the proud owner of the 56’ Continental we call “Mae”. David resides in Roswell, New Mexico. We had good cause to name his continental “Mae”.  During the build while media blasting it down to bare metal we found Mae West’s autograph; she was an actress/singer in the 50-60’s. Her autograph oddly enough was found in the trunk. We proudly preserved it and the car took on its new name. We felt it was a little piece of history and a well deserved way to tie her name to the car.
Over the years I’ve built many cars for David and his father Louie. This was by far the most extravagant and most challenging one we had taken on thus far. We built this car to debut for The Good Guys Custom of the year in Pleasanton, CA in 2015.  We were awarded the Covenant Award and earned The Custom of the Year title for 2016.
2015 proved itself astounding for “Mae”. She won multiple awards and Top Tens. David always brings challenges to the table. We are looking forward and anticipating what we will be building for him next!
The 1956 continental was an iconic car in its time in history. It was the most expensive car that was produced. In the 1950’s era it was known as a coach built car and was valued at $10,000.
Hoekstra and I had a plan; he knew he wanted a Mark II and the direction he wanted to go. Once we found the car we were able to purchase it and could launch the build.  The car was a solid running driver. It had come out of a friends collection. The car had been restored many years ago, good structure and solid bones though out.
We started off by striping the car down and sending it to The Roadster Shop for them to build a one off custom chassis. Meantime, I contacted John Kaase Racing Motors for them to build us a 520 inch big block Ford with Hemi aluminum heads, and Inglee’s eight stack injection, backed by a Hughes 4L80 transmission. The car was completely floored, wheel tubbed and firewalled. We chopped top 2 1/2 inches, all glue set windows, one piece door glass, and molded one piece tail lights. All handmade custom brass trim, custom front floating grill, Air ride suspension with Accuair air management, one off cut Colorado Custom wheels to resemble a factory 56 style hubcap. Axalta straight black toner Basecoat Axalta  clearcoat. The Tuxedo style interior with the black onyx cufflinks was created by Ron Mangus Custom Hot Rod Interior. Dakota digital one off gauges, state of the art Kicker stereo, chrome and polished work completed by Tim Blair out of Huntington Beach California. Because the 56′ Continental is such an iconic car we really tried to accomplish something by not destroying its original style and characteristic. Yet, still at the end of the day it turned out to be quite the radical custom.


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December 23, 2016