“E-Ticket” – 1952 Henry J Kaiser

1952 HENRY J GASSER             Randy and Jodell Zeal

The couple bought the car 5 years ago and spent two years in the build getting it into street legal and race ready form. “We drive it everywhere” Randy Zeal said, adding that many show cars are brought in on trailers and see very little street time. Jodell Zeal said the couple met while street racing. “He raced my sister that night. He was sitting on the hood of his ’57 Olds at Oscar’s drive-in restaurant in Garden Grove. My sister and I drove by in her ’64 Impala and a few words were exchanged, we’ve been together ever since,” she said, “We were married when Randy returned from Vietnam.”

Randy grew up in Huntington Beach and drag raced at Lyons Drags, Orange County International Raceway and Carlsbad Raceway among others. He owned and operated a radiator repair shop in Laguna Hills for his career. That career led them to Fallbrook, then to Murrieta.  We are just this week in the process of moving to Lake Havasu City, AZ.

Randy jokingly said the biggest challenge in building the car was getting “my wife and sponsor Jodell to write the checks.” After much laughter, really he admitted that the challenge was finding the right parts and doing the work. Randy enlisted the help of close friend and capable builder James Delich from Wildomar who became the chief mechanic and worked for two years on the build. If it wasn’t for James, the car wouldn’t have been built.

One of the things we really enjoy doing is having young children sit in the car while their parents take a photo.  Sometimes the dads ask to sit in the car also, so they can relive their teen dreams. It is important to keep young people involved in the car culture to keep the history growing. We enjoy traveling to car shows and plan to continue our retirement on the road with the car.




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December 21, 2017