2015 Featured Builder: Ron Berry

Salt Lake City, UT

2015 Featured Builder: Ron Berry and “Surf Seeker”
SURF SEEKER! Micro Bus was hand built out of steel on a 65 Type 2 suspension and 2175 air cool super charge engine designed by Dick Landi and B&M blowers…..about 200 Horse power!
Its rolls on 24’s with added disc brakes, independent rear suspension!
Body concept by Ron Berry’s design!

Check Pics and Video’s….

From the WEB Site DPCARS
Ron Berry Surf Seeker VW Bus Looks Like A Cartoon
In fact, the vehicle you see here shouldn’t even be called a VW, since it only uses suspension bits from a 1965 Type 2 van, while most of the rest is hand-built from steel.
It still runs a modified air-cooled flat-four engine too, with a supercharger making it push out around 200 hp – the shiny engine is fully exposed at the back.
Called the Surf Seeker, the vehicle is the work of Ron Berry whom we were not able to track down on the web in order to confirm this… It features a unique way to get inside, via an Isetta bubble car-like side-opening hatch that peels away the entire front end to grant access.

From the WEB Site Stance Is Everything:




Ron Berry and Surf Seeker

It started out like all my other vehicles and crazy toys, as a drawing.

My concept has always started out with a cartoon flavor, which in a lot of cases was not practical or usable.  So, I had to redesign it to be drivable and keep the cartoon look in a subtle way, without lips and eyes.  They end up with a lot of character.

After building all different kinds of vehicles, my first car was a quarter midget in 1954.  I was nine years old, and I still have the car.  It became a passion for the next fifty years, from drag racing through 1964.  Realizing there wasn’t any money to be made, I went to Hot Rods.

Things slowed down when I got married and raising five children but when they all got their own lives, the passion kicked in and became an obsession for design and actual construction.

There has been a lot of customs and street rods but the idea of a cartoon style was still on my mind so I pulled my sketch files from clear back when I was in high school.

I decided on my version of a Woodie which was something I also had a passion for, along with surfing, which I have been doing since 1960.

I was unsure how it was going to be received, so my first show was Wavecrest Woodie Show, one of the largest Woodie shows.

The reception was very mixed, it was something out of the box, but the positive from that motivated me to go on with the next concept car, which is the Surf Seeker.

Thanks to my wife, Marcia, for her amazing support.

Ron Berry


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January 6, 2015