Doug Weigel

Albuquerque, NM 

For the past eleven years Doug has been creating cars from the ground up rather than restoring old cars and is hooked on early 1900s vehicles. His 1926 Turbine T roadster is an example of his ability to think “outside the box”. He designed and totally fabricated this one-of-a-kind vehicle which features an all steel hand-built body, an aluminum frame & suspension, and a custom intake and exhaust for the Garrett GTP-70 Turbine Engine. The engine drives a Hydraulic Pump, which in turn, drives a hydraulic motor to the pinion. The Garrett GTP-70 turbine engine was used as a power unit for an Apache Helicopter originally. (There is one part of the car that is from an original T Model …the cowl. The build book and slide show tells the whole story.)


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January 7, 2015