2015 Featured Builder: Doug Weigel


2015 Featured Builder: Doug Weigel

Albuquerque NM

Weigel has been welding for sixty-one years now and is a steel sculptor and prototype fabricator in Albuquerque and farms in Woodruff County, Arkansas. Weigel’s life-long hobby of restoring or building cars from the ground up started five-and-a-half decades ago. He finds that very hard to believe….time flies when you’re having fun! He started building hot rods as a teenager in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he grew up. His favorite cars were ‘28 and ‘29 roadsters. He would buy parts that he needed at junkyards or would buy whole cars for $50 to get the parts he needed. (There’s no telling how many cars he cut up!) He also raced those cars two nights a week. He worked on other people’s cars too, after school and working on the family dairy farm. He got the bug for working on hot rods again about sixteen years ago after a long gap of time, like most guy’s with priorities of working and raising a family. His current project is a 1926 Turbine-Engine-Powered Model T Roaster, which he expects to have finished in early February. If you happen to have the February, 1963 issue of Rod & Custom you’ll see one of Weigel’s ‘29 Roadsters and if you would like to get to know him a little better check out the 2010 October issue of NM Magazine.

Weigel has been showing his creations the last ten years or so at car shows in San Francisco, Boise, Tulsa, Reno and San Jose just to name a few. His greatest honor has been winning Darryl Starbird’s Go For the Gold Award in 2010 and having six of his creations accepted by Blackie Gejeian for his Invitation Only Fresno Autorama, the last six years he had it. But, it probably all comes down to Doug’s philosophy, when it comes to cars, “There’s nothing like a supped-up hot rod!”


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January 7, 2015