2015 Featured Artist: Lemorris Harris

Lemorris Harris


Hi thereÖIím Lemorris.
Iíve been fiddling around with car art for the last couple of decades. Being a huge fan of CARtoons Magazine it seems as though itís influence has never left me.

In my ìnon carî art time I do web, video and multi-media design as well as a side-side career in online education and application developmentÖgo figure.

Iíve worked as a marketing director, screen printer, art instructor, animator and even did a term in the US Navy. All that means I have cool stories and a somewhat unique approach to my art.

I only have two hobbiesÖart and my car. I hang out and play VW with my friends on weekends and I enjoy studying art history, methods and theory.

On a side note…I’m poor at Samba dancing…but I really really like to try.  smile



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January 7, 2015