Ron Medelin

McKinney, TX

 “The Full Monte”

Builder: Ron Medellin
McKinney, Texas
Car Hobbyist
ISCA: 2006 International Class Champion
ISCA: 2007 International Custom Champion

Growing up in the 50, 60’s and 70’s cars were on my mind. In the 70’s the popular car was the Chevelles and Camaros but I always thought the lines of the Monte Carlo were the best that General Motors produced in this era.

My vision when building this car was to add a high degree of subtle but major modifications to a very elegant car. Competing in the ISCA (International Show Car Association) for close to 20 years, I wanted to build a custom car with some of the features that I had not seen at all the car shows I had attended.

Also in the vision was to create a car that, if you drove into your local car show, you would think it was just another Monte Carlo with some nice paint. My objective was that when you saw the car with all the modifications it blows your skirt up.

To qualify as a full custom car in the ISCA classification the car must have 10 or more major modifications. Some of the modifications are suicide doors, tilt hood, all seams removed, frame completely boxed and frenched antennas. The engine started out as a late model 350 stroked and smooth block topped with 8 Webber DOCE side draft carburetors pushing it to over 480 HP. Custom built drive shaft and matching drag links were created from aircraft extruded aluminum. Ghost flames throughout the engine compartment and the body were introduced. A large amount of “one-off” custom made parts.

The Full Monte has been shown in over 20 states and 3 provinces of Canada in her accomplishment of winning the International Custom Championship two consecutive years.


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January 7, 2015