“Pretty Penny”

“Pretty Penny”

“Pretty Penny” 1933 Roadster
Owner: Harold Champman
Location: Andice, Texas

All Steel Henry Ford body that has been repaired with hand-made panels from CHRA as well as some Steve’s Auto Restoration pieces.
This car was painstakingly fit and gapped. The fenders on all four corners required being cut extensively to be made the same side to side and to please the eye more. The hood is set up on with hood bars running from the grille shell to the cowl. The 33 hood louvers have been moved forward, the new door and trunk skins we built have more positive crown than stock giving it a great look. Greening auto headlights styled after early Ford commercial pieces.
The top-
is comprised of custom hand-made pieces and some stock pieces that are modified to give this elegant car it’s bad attitude look.
One Off Jimmy Smith designed -these wheels help set the tone for this car.
17/10s in the rear
16-4.5s in the front
On this car is very special with the 3″ wheelbase stretch and the custom hand built everything.  The entire length of the frame the boxing plates are drilled and filled with concave dome pieces, or divots -painted they refract light crazy!
The four link bars in rear as well as the front axle were machined by “CHRA Parts” and have matching divots on them. With custom Hairpins and and countless little hand-made details this chassis is fun to look at.
Custom fan shroud and custom hand-made electric fan mount
427 Roush Racing 581 HP Beast
One off CHRA fabricated valve covers, oil pan, coil mount, headers, mandrel bent exhaust system one off CHRA Parts machined intake scoops. Countless hours of de-burring the block and painting it with a custom gold satin finish we made the matches the wheels centers.
Tremec TKO-600
De-burred and painted
One off Jimmy Smith designed steering wheel. One-off shifter handle Custom one off machined tach cup, and tack cup clamp and ignition bezel.  One off door trim with integrated door check straps. Machined hood release handles- machined turn signal housing-By “CHRA Parts”
Modified glide seat frame.
King Ranch distressed leather
German brown Square weave carpet. Custom shifter handle made with 1936 ford shifter handle pieces.
Jay Schluter did all the stitch work and panel fabrication working off a Christian Dotson design
In the interior


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December 23, 2016