“Duality” 1996 Cadillac

Owner: Robert Sardukan
Photo by: Corey Ringo
Location: Albuquerque, NM

Hoppers & Hot Rods

When owner Robert Surdukan wanted a special paint job for his 1996 Cadillac lowrider, he turned to the best. Albuquerque-based and internationally recognized master car painter Rob Vanderslice. To commission a “Rob Job” is to ensure a one-of-a-kind rolling work of art. On one car, Vanderslice estimated he used 11 miles of tape to create his signature styling. For this Cadillac he changed it up by painting both sides with different colors and styles to give the effect of two paint jobs, depending on which side is viewed. In addition, he embedded programmable LED lights into the paint. Two other stars in the local lowrider community – Bill and Mario Sisneros at Gotcha Covered – provided the unique interior. Vanderslice says his work is made possible through the glory of God.



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December 23, 2016